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Earning money nowadays can be very tedious and stressful. One, because there is a tight competition of equally competent aspiring employees in job fairs and openings. Two, it’s hard to land in a job where you are knowledgeable with and at the same time you are very passionate with. Affective filter in the workplace is also important too. Third, when you have a family of your own earning money, and at the same time, spending family time is hard to juggle. That’s why some parents opt to just work at home where they can look after their children too. It’s basically hitting two birds with one stone.  According to Magic Libya, one idea to look for a new idea to make money from home is to start your own business.

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Earning money from your home by putting up your own business is a great opportunity to invest with very little money for start-up but you can get so much in return. The only qualities you should have is motivation, desire and the willing ness to work hard. These below are some ideas for business that might help you earn money for your family, especially if you’re a dedicated parent.

Freelance Writing 

You can write article with topics that are basically about everything and anything. It could be about tree cutting or the best way to learn how to surf among others. The trick is to know where your strengths are. You can always start by writing something that is in your field or you’re already familiar and an expert of it. Website creators also look for freelance write ups to be put up on their websites that need content. Create your website or sign up for jobs online and showcase your writing skills so you can promote your freelance writing business.

Gardening Business 

There are a lot of plants and vegetables that are great to sell. It could range from herbal trees, to tomatoes and culinary herbs, to name a few. You can also harvest flowers and turn them into bouquets or soaps and candles. There are hundreds of options where you can showcase your green thumb and also promote healthy living and offer healthier options to your community. You can also hold seminars about gardening or you could widen your backyard for recreational purpose.

Graphic Design 

Digital Analysts or graphic designers can be a very time-consuming job. They are looked for companies everywhere that will not only for a poster but you can also incorporate your sample pamphlets and product catalogs. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should be great listener to be able to understand what your paper is about.

House Clinic 

If only our home stays free from the dirt and dust then but it doesn’t. There are a lot of apartment and houses that need house cleanings and it can be tiring job but then again you are spending it with your family and friends.

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It can be fun and exciting to buy your furniture and decide where to put it and where it is much more efficient to be placed. However, it’s vital that when you are placing your furniture, there should be no way where you have to sacrifice the size of the home to jus fit a furniture where it doesn’t really belong to. Space is a great and important part of the house and you can make your house look and feel wider if the furniture is arranged really well. What is really the best way to arrange the furniture where space is still at the premium?



Magic Libya gives the best way to rearrange your furniture that will help optimize your space in your home.  The primary trick is to plan your preferred layout in your head and make it into reality by playing with the shapes and colors with your furniture.  Of course the error and trial is a strategy that should be implored but then again, there a lot of tips and tricks (given by Magical Libya) that will make the process of rearranging your home smoother.

Prioritize the large pieces 

Think where the largest piece of furniture in your home is going to fit. Fit them first in your head and then if it fits in reality, then it’s time to go into the smaller pieces. For instance, inside the bedrooms, the beds and closet drawers are possibly going to the biggest furniture pieces, so work on it first and then go to the smaller piece like the vanity or lamps. Make sure that your bed is properly worked and spaced within the wall.

Maintain comfort 

Place your tables and lamps within a reachable amount in the living room. Make sure that there are enough spaces within the furniture. This include the leg room and a space to pass through. If you’re a parent, this is the most important.

Add stripes 

Stripes is a monochromatic design with high contrasting colors. In this way, it can help give the illusion of equal widths and expanding effect. Also, with the right furniture, it can help elongate the room. Make sure that the stripes is vertical also.

Reflect the room 

Lighting is the key of a great feature and of a home. You can always place the mirrors anywhere where it hits the lights. This makes the light to bounce inside the room making it appear wider than it is.

Open the room 

You can always open you home and let natural sunlight and air get inside. This can give the impression that with the air circling around, the space is bigger.


A furniture can look different depending in the angle of it. If it’s placed diagonally, it can look e smooth to the eyes.

Having the right furniture arrangement can real help increase the functionality attitude, and social event of a person. It can be great branding and a statement of your lifestyle.

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